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Testimonials: Testimonial

I have done one-on-one sessions and high performance small group sessions with Jenelle Kohanchuk, and I would highly suggest working with Jenelle to all hockey players. When I first met Jenelle all I could think about was, Wow this 

girl is amazing! She can skate, handle the puck well, is friendly and best of all she challenged us so we can become the hockey players that we want to be! She is an amazing role model. Starting in June and ending in August I am in camp with Jenelle every Tuesday and Thursday on and off ice. Jenelle gives us intense workouts that include: running, stairs, weights, etc.. Jenelle challenges us off ice so that we can be strong on the ice. Off ice we practice looking in a mirror and looking at our stride, showing us what it should look like, so that we can improve it on the ice, to become a faster skater! When we are on the ice with Jenelle we work hard for another hour, doing fun, hard working drills! This includes things like: edge work, stick handling, shooting and so many more things I could not do before I came to see her! I love coming to the gym, going on the ice, and seeing Jenelle cause she is always so happy and friendly to all of us.  She wants us to have fun, but also works us hard to become the players we want to be by improving our skills.


   ~Ella Stewner, Balmoral Hall Blazers Prep


I've been working with Jenelle for going on three years now and every time I step on the ice whether it's a semi private lesson or a bigger group I learn something new every time , like how to get the shot off quick or how to fake the defence that I'm going against. Jenelle is always happy to be there on the ice greeting everyone with a smile and helping young girls become the best players they can be, even if it's 7 in the morning. Jenelle sees potential in every player that comes on her ice. She's helped me become the best player I can be and I hope to improve even more going forward with her.

- Isabela Huculak, AAA Winnipeg Avros

This summer, I had the privilege to train with Jenelle Kohanchuk in a small group of high performance athletes. I would recommend Jenelle to any hockey player who is looking to get better on and off of the ice. This summer has been some of the best training I’ve done so far in my hockey career. I participated in ice sessions three times a week and additional conditioning runs. Throughout the summer, Jenelle made sure that we were working hard and staying focused, all while having fun! Jenelle is such a strong role model to young athletes like myself. Her positive attitude is so motivating, and she believes in every player she trains. When I am on the ice with Jenelle, I know that I am going to improve some aspect of my game. The things we worked on this summer include; edge work, stick handling, shooting, moving into open space, and so much more. The off ice runs we did were extremely challenging, especially considering the fact that Jenelle actually paced us and ran with us! I thought I knew what hard work was, until I met Jenelle. She pushes every player to be the absolute best version of themselves, and wants the best for everyone. I really enjoyed training with Jenelle this summer, and I’m hoping to do it again next year

- Courtenay Bayes, AAA Winnipeg Avros

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